Espresso Machine Repair Shoppe

Repair Service You Can Trust

 Over 20 years of experience.

 Big problems or little problems, We have seen it all.

We are committed to providing you quality service you can trust.

Our Experience repairing Espresso Machines has stretched across airports, train stations, government buildings, and Chicago's beautiful high-rise buildings. We repair machines for your home, restaurant, coffee shop, hotel, and even catering trucks.

Repair Shoppe

New & Old Machines 

Home & Commerical Machines 

Automatic & Super- Automatic 


Pump- Driven Machines

Level Machines

Hydraulic Espresso Machines   

Modular & Vending Machines

Our Promise

Times are Tough.

We are committed to keeping your repair costs as low as possible.

Our long-standing relationships with multiple distributors help us keep repair cost low

 Experienced knowledge of the best care for your machine ensures keeping your machine in its best shape. 

We understand the love for coffee.

Don't let a broken machine take that away from you.


  • Routine Descaling & Cleaning Service During Repairs.

  • Friendly Filter Change Reminders, helping to ensure the best care for your machine.

Need a New Machine?

Need Your Machine Replaced? 

Let our experts help you pick out a machine

That best fits your needs and your budget

Interested in Custom Work?

Refurbishing Services 
Body-Panels Polished or Painted 

Custom Exterior Changes




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