Water Connection Kit for GIGA X7 / GIGA W3 /X8/ XS90

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$725.00 Brand: JuraJura


  • Convenient and Time-saving

  • Permanently connect to main water supply

  • Easy to disconnect and reconnect

  • Fits all Jura X8 and X9 without modification. Fits the Giga X7, Giga W3, XS90 OT machines with modification (see compatibility below)

  • Pre-filter must be installed before installation by a licensed plumber

  • Item not eligible for return after installation

  • Jura Model 24049K

Connect Your Professional Jura Espresso Machine to a Water Line for Easy Refilling

If your office, business, or home makes several coffee drinks each day, pausing to refill the water tank can be a major annoyance. Solve that issue with a permanent connection to your water supply. This kit contains all the supplies you need to connect your Jura X8, X9, Giga X7, Giga W3, or XS90 OT directly to your plumbed water source for automatic refills. No more lugging water to your espresso machine or removing the tank to fill it. And if you need to move the machine for a special event? No problem! The innovative design ensures that once it has been properly installed by a specialist, anyone can disconnect and reconnect it. Jura Model/Part Number 24049K.


Fits Jura Impressa X8 Commercial and X9 Commercial units. The Giga X7, Giga W3, XS90 OT series machines with modifications. Water hardness cannot exceed 3 grains per gallon or 50 ppm. If water hardness exceeds 3 grains per gallon a water softener must be installed. The minimum incoming water flow rate of 0.5 GPM and maximum line pressure of 36 PSI / 2.5 BAR. This item must be installed by a licensed plumber. External water filtration is also required, but some water hardness is required These espresso machine water line kits will not fit on models designed for the home. The GIGA Professional models require a piece of the water tank to be cut out.