Organic Peruvian

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Our Peruvian coffee comes to us from central Peru, specifically the Chanchamayo region. Our coffee bears the "HB" (Hard Bean) distinction, indicating that it is harvested exclusively at altitudes of over 1,200 meters above sea level. Peru's HB (Hard Bean) designation is similar to Guatemala's HG, (High Grown) certification.
Our Peruvian coffee is produced by several local smallholder farmers who deliver their harvested cherry to a regional mill for processing and sale. Part of this process includes the use of machines to sort out any defects and perform a “cleaning” process, yielding higher quality, more uniform final product. Coffees processed in this way are identified as MCM (Machine Cleaned Mejorado).
Peruvian coffees are known for their low acidity, rich body, and easy drinkability. We expect to notice cocoa, walnut, vanilla, and orange citrus flavors through the cup.