Gourmet Espresso Coffee

$15.00 Brand: The Expresso ShoppeThe Expresso Shoppe
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Impress your friends, delight yourself.

Slow-roasted in our Italian-made drum roaster, Carioca delivers on the promise of espresso coffee. Rich and inviting, sweet and satisfying, Carioca is a treat, from the first aromatic sip to the long, sweet after-finish.

Hand-blended from seven or more carefully selected Specialty-Grade Coffees and Artisan-roasted by a skilled and passionate coffee roaster, Carioca glides through the mouth, leaving the satisfying flavor of goodness and lingering memories of time spent with good friends.

We learned to roast Carioca on a long-ago trip to Italy and we've been satisfying the most demanding palettes ever since. A must-have for the true espresso lover.